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Get the most from your revenue

We both know that you need to improve revenue and expense management in your business, but…

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… it’s hard. Accounting tools are not designed for business owners and managers. Most of the financial software on the market is very complex, cost a fortune and is very difficult to use. We know that, because we’ve been there too. That’s why we created Reveltio– simple revenue, expense and workflow management solution for mid-sized companies. Just like yours. Just like ours.

While creating Reveltio we interviewed business owners, accountants, CFOs and other people who take an active part in financial processes of companies. Our analysis confirmed that it is the human factor which has the greatest influence on how well the cost side of the company’s finances is controlled.

Reveltio is built in such a way that it constantly educates and enforces specific behaviors on company employees: cost forecasting, sales forecasting and description of company financial events. Thanks to this, no one in the organization has to think what to do next with specific document, invoice, or expenditure– they just work according to the method developed in Reveltio.

The next step to increase the profitability of your company is not a new client, investment or turnover increase. The next step to increase your profitability is better management of finances, costs and cash flow. You will achieve all this with Reveltio.

Get the most from your revenue

Dla kogo aplikacja Reveltio?

For which types of companies we developed Reveltio?

Reveltio is suitable for every service providing companies. The second determinant of suitability to the organization is project-based nature of company’s work. In short, Reveltio will make life easier for all companies that have a lot of external costs (subcontractors, materials, utilities, tools, rentals, etc.) and employee costs within individual projects.

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Reveltio will benefit the most from:

  • Advertising agencies

  • Software development companies

  • Architectural offices

  • Renovation, construction, finishing companies

  • Schools and education

  • Consulting companies

  • Media

  • Event companies

  • Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies

  • SaaS companies

  • Accounting companies

Dla jakich firm Reveltio to optymalne rozwiązanie?

Benefits for business, entrepreneurs and managers

At any time you know what happens with the financial side of your company

You see how efficiently individual departments / projects are working

Thanks to profitability control you are able to increase company's profit

You will stop generating loads of excel files and statements, because all the financial data and reports can be quickly generated in Reveltio

You don't need to remind your employees to report costs which are generated in particular projects

There is no need for a separate position in your company whose task was to watch over the collection of all accounting documents– each employee has their own account and quickly adds new documents on their own

You save tens of hours per month, because the cost management is organized, smooth and economical

You save time, because the system itself alerts and performs pre-collection and monitoring of delayed payments

You can work 100% remotely, because you have all sales documents and costs in one panel

Each person in the company has clearly assigned lines of cost and sales reporting

You can easily check profitability of projects, departments and even particular employees

Reveltio reflects the structure of your organization, which makes it easier for you to understand where the bottlenecks are and where the value generated by the company leaks.

Reveltio system functionalities

Zarządzanie przychodami z Reveltio
Revenue management

Reveltio allows you to forecast which invoices, when and for how much money your company will issue in the future. This is very important from the point of view of your company cashflow management. Every person, project or department that generates sales is forecasted in Reveltio, so you know what the future of your company’s revenues looks like.

In Reveltio you define when to make sales forecast, who is responsible for which project or department.

Relevant people will receive a notification from the system when the forecasted deal must be transformed into actual sales and an invoice must be issued.

Costs management

Thanks to Reveltio you always know what are your expenses for the next weeks or even months. Reveltio introduces to project’s financial management the principle of forecasting– it means that each potential cost which can occur within a project is forecasted as an entry in the system to which payment and corresponding accounting document is then made. Such a process allows for further automation of processes in the company, such as transferring documents to accounting or reporting project profitability.

Company expenditures can be accepted by supervisors of individual employees, financial director or other person responsible for finances. Reveltio collects cost invoices in one place so that none is ever lost and to eliminate the need to ask contractors for documents duplicates etc.

What is very important is that Reveltio imposes some reporting discipline on your employees so you can be sure what is happening with particular documents and what costs are actually incurred.

In this way we eliminate situations when there are no receipts missing for credit or ATM cards and all other types of payments (card, bank transfer, cash, fast transfer) are assigned to appropriate accounting documents.

The combination of management of costs and sales of the company provides a basis for forecasting of profitability of projects, departments and the entire organization.

Zarządzanie kosztami z Reveltio
Raportowanie finansów z Reveltio
Reporting and analytics

Reports panel will become your new command center. You can get rid of excel sheets, piles of paper and e-mails, because you have all the information about costs, sales, departments profitability, projects profitability etc. in one place. Thanks to various methods of generating reports and charts from any period of time and company areas, you always know where you stand and how financially efficient your company is.

Handling late payments and pre-collection

The most unpleasant activity in your business has just been automated. As Reveltio system knows which invoices are overdue it can take care of monitoring payments automatically. You can personalize the debt collection messages as you like. What is important, Reveltio debt collection system informs not only your customers but also your company employees who are responsible for invoice processing about past due invoices. Thanks to this everyone: the company owner, employee, customer is informed and motivated to maintain the timely payment of sales invoices.

Windykacja z Reveltio
Automatyzacja obiegu dokumentów finansowych z Reveltio
Automation of document workflow

Reveltio allows you to design sales and invoice document workflow tailored to the needs of your company. Thanks to each invoice “knows” who should receive it when and who should accept it, book it, or when to issue which invoice to which customer.

Defining dictionaries and system personalisation

The system allows you to personalize processes in your company to a large extent, define your own values for important variables, or create dictionaries that function in your company. You can define the parameters of reported documents, rates, cost types, teams and departments, or tags, by which you can browse the history of your company’s finances.

Personalizacja procesów finansowych i tworzenie słowników w Reveltio

and many, many more!

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World without Reveltio:

Department and project managers collect and archive accounting documents on email, project management systems, shared drive, and sometimes just on their desks. Once in a while (or when someone tells them to) they try to sort them, assign them to specific projects. Often, however, they just land in one folder and are sent to an accountant who tries to understand them. It is impossible to predict how many and which costs will occur in the particular project. You don’t know which costs are reported by which department and which employee. In addition, sales invoices are often issued without a proper project assignment. Employees feel lost and chaos arises, although they did they best to keep everything under control. Management has problems with calculating profitability of projects. To make matters worse, some costs do not have proper accounting documents at all and at the end of the month there is a big search for invoices.

World with Reveltio:

Reveltio forces everyone to be systematic: costs can only be paid when they are assigned to the right projects that generate revenue. Each cost is forecasted (just like the revenue) so adding new accounting documents is easy. Every employee knows exactly what to do with each invoice– there is only one place to put it in. Thanks to the current collection of all financial information in one system, divided into projects, employees and departments, management can check at any time what is the financial state of the company, what value of invoices will be issued in a given period and what costs will be incurred. At the end of the accounting period, the accounting department can download all documents (which are also very well described) with a single click. Employees have a sense of good organization and control over project’s finances. There are no unexpected situations or misunderstandings and all necessary documents are in order.

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